·      Flu, Colds, Viruses & Sore Throats

·      Cuts, Bruises and Scrapes

·      Minor burns

·      Urinary Tract Infections

·      Minor allergic reactions

·      Skin Rash

·      Minor Ambulatory Procedures

·      Flu/ Pneumonia Immunization

·      Ear Lavage

Express Care Walk-in Clinic is not a substitute for emergency care.  If you are experiencing a serious of life threatening problem call 911 and go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Some reasons to immediately go to the Emergency Room:
·      Chest Pain

·      Numbness in Face, Arms and/or Legs

·      Sudden Severe Headache or

·      Sudden Loss of Vision or Blurred Vision

·      Difficulty Breathing or Short of Breath

·      Deep Cuts/Lacerations

·      Bleeding that Won’t Stop

·      Severe Stomach/Abdominal Pain

·      Seizures

·      Severe Burns

·      Coughing up Blood

·      Vomiting Blood

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